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Cambridge English exams

Private English classes, 1-2-1

Classes to suit the student's individual needs

Private classes are organised and prepared for students based on their individual needs. These are determined by means of analysis before the beginning of the set of private classes.

The focus of the class is organised in accordance with the results of the analysis and may have more of a focus on aural work, oral work, written work or grammar revision.

Students are offered a timetable of between 1 and 5 classes per week, Monday to Friday.


  • Class with 1 person: 45€/hour
  • Class with 2 people: 58€/hour
  • Class with 3 people: 75€/hour


Payment is due at the end of each month.

Private packs (10 hores)

Private packs offer students the opportunity to have a discount for private one-to-one lessons if students are sure of their commitment to their chosen timetable and availability. Private packs also provide the students with the option of completing a block of intensive one-to-one classes in order to help them prepare for specific events etc.

As with ordinary private classes, the school carries out an analysis of the students level before the first class of the pack in order to determine how the classes should be prepared and to ensure that the students gets the most out of their classes.

Students can organise their packs over however many weeks / months necessary.


  • Class with 1 person: 410€
  • Class with 2 people: 525€
  • Class with 3 people: 700€


Payment is due at the beginning of the pack.

Fluency packs (10 hores)

We also offer Fluency Packs, for those interested particularly in being able to communicate well in English.


  • Class with 1 person: 325€
  • Class with 2 people: 440€
  • Class with 3 people: 650€

Summer packs (July)

Pack A One-to-one private lessons (10 hours) | 400€

Pack B One-to-one private lessons (10 hours) + Conversation course | 530€

Pack C One-to-one private lessons (10 hours) + Business English course | 505€

Pack D Conversation course + Business English course | 240€