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Cambridge English exams

Cursos de Premium English

Premium English: General English courses (B1-C1)

Courses with an official exam included at the end of each level so that you can measure the real impact they've had on your learning

Your objective is:

  • To ready yourself for the future in general and the job market in particular.
  • To demonstrate how much English you know with an internationally recognised certificate.
  • To have tangible, rigourous proof of how good your English course was.

With our system:

    Premium English
  • You'll make progress in all aspects of your English (vocabulary and grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking, and pronunciation, etc.), with a particular emphasis on developing your ability to communicate in English.
  • You'll be in exactly the right level for you as we have 10 levels corresponding to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • You'll learn systematically and enjoyably.
  • You'll have qualified teachers and the support of an experienced head of studies.
  • You'll enjoy professional evaluation and termly reports.


In addition, once you have completed a level (approx. 100 hours of class), you will be able to assess the progress you have made with us with an IELTS test, one of the most widely-recognised forms of showing what level of English you have reached.

With IELTS, our system provides you with an internationally recognised certificate trusted by universities, businesses and public bodies around the world.

General courses

Levels 4 to 8 (B1 – C1) | 3 hours/week | min. 4 / max. 10 students

See also Foundations, Levels A1 and A2

Days Mornings Evenings
Monday and Wednesday 10.00—11.30 16.00—17.30
Tuesday and Thursday 10.00—11.30

Prices 2020-21

  • Per month: 124€; Per term: 343€; Per year: 945€
  • Enrolment: 42€ (new students), 20€ (former students)


  • 1st term: 05.10.2020-21.12.2020
  • 2nd term: 07.01.2021-27.03.2021
  • 3rd term: 06.04.2021-21.06.2021

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Intensive course

Levels 4 and 5 (B1 – B2.1) | 4,5 hours/week | min. 4 / max. 10 students

Days Mornings Evenings
Tuesday and Thursday 10.00—12.15 19.15—21.30

Price Intensives

  • 5 payments x 200€; or 2 payments x 435€; or 1 payment x 844€
  • Enrolment: 42€ (new students), 20€ (former students)



  • Intensive 1: 06.10.2020-17.12.2020, 07.01.2021-11.02.2021
  • Intensive 2: 16.02.2021-25.03.2021, 06.04.2021-17.06.2021