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International House Palma language school

Video: Come with Andy, Director of IH Palma, on a lightning tour of the school and meet some of the other staff...

Established in 1982, IH Palma occupies all three floors of a modern, spacious building in the centre of Palma, just off the prestigious Passeig Mallorca avenue and a couple of minutes' walk from the old city [ arrival information ].

IH Palma has its own street level entrance and reception, from where students can take the stairs to the classrooms. There are1 also toilet facilities and a classroom for facilities for learners with reduced mobility.

The school occupies 3 floors of the building and has 14 air-conditioned classrooms, as well as a number of offices and recreational areas, including a computer lab which students are able to use either before or after class, and a chill-out area where learners can relax.

Wi-fi access

The whole third floor of the school is also an internet wireless hotspot, meaning that students may connect to the internet using their own computers or smartphones if they wish.

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