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Practical information about Mallorca


Citizens of the European Union do not require a visa to enter Spain. Nationals of other countries often do need a visa and should contact their local Spanish consulate for further information.


Students are not insured by International House against illness, accident, theft or loss of personal effects, and IH can accept no responsibility in the event of such occurrences. We therefore strongly recommend personal insurance coverage.


In the event of illness or accident, IH will undertake to contact a doctor or hospital on the student's behalf. Students from European Union countries are advised to bring their European Health Insurance Card which entitles them to free medical assistance.

In case of a medical emergency we recommend that students call the following number: 112


Palma is not a dangerous city and violent crime is very rare indeed. However, incidents such as bag snatching do occur, especially in or around the most popular tourist attractions. You are therefore advised to take sensible precautions and not to carry large amounts of cash around with you.

We also recommend that you leave your passport, flight tickets, etc. somewhere safe in your accommodation.


Spanish meals typically consist of a light breakfast, a substantial lunch at around 14.00 and substantial evening meal at around 21.00. Lunch and the evening meal usually consist of 2 or 3 courses and a dessert and meals are usually served with bread and water or wine.

There are a large number of reasonably priced restaurants in the city centre that serve a "menu of the day" at lunchtime, which usually costs around 9-15 euros. Coffee is invariably available in restaurants, but is not usually included in the price of a set meal.


The school's telephone systems are in constant use. For this reason, incoming calls for students can only be accepted in the case of an emergency.

Price Guide (in Euros)

  • Soft drink in a bar: €2.00
  • Sandwich in a bar: €2.50 - €4
  • Coffee in a bar: €1.50
  • Beer in a bar: €2
  • Menu of the day: €9 - €15
  • Loaf of bread: €1.20
  • Litre of milk: €1.00
  • Single bus ticket: €1.50
  • 10-trip bus card: €10
  • Cinema ticket: €7.50

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