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Map: Where are we?


The school is located at Martí Boneo 10 (marked on the map), which is in the fashionable Santa Catalina district.

Getting there
A taxi from the airport to the city centre costs around €20. The journey normally takes around 15-20 minutes.

There is also a bus service. Bus number 1 goes from the airport to Paseo de Mallorca in the city centre. It leaves every 15 minutes from 05.30 to 02.25. The journey takes around 30 minutes and it currently costs €2.50.

Airport transfers

Transfers to and from Palma airport can be arranged at any time at a cost of 60 euros each way for 1 person, or 35 euros each way per person for 2 or more people. Prices are available for larger group transfers on request.

The prices quoted are for transfers from 08.00 to 22.00 (arrival time at the airport). If you need a transfer before 8.00 or after 22.00, there will be a 25% supplement.

Please note
We need the arrival information at least 2 working days before arrival.

We strongly recommend that young students with no knowledge of Spanish take advantage of our meeting and transfer service.

Accreditation for our Spanish courses