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Free IELTS Masterclass™

If you have enrolled for an IELTS test or are thinking about doing so in the future, come to an IELTS Masterclass to get advice and tips from IELTS experts!



  • June 21 (General Training)
  • July 5 (Academic)
  • July 19 (General Training)
  • August 2 (Both)
  • September 6 (Both)
  • October 4 (Both)
  • November 8 (Both)
  • December 13 (Both)

IELTS Masterclass™ in three different formats

This FREE, 90-minute IELTS Masterclass™ has been designed for anyone who's aiming for an IELTS band score of 6 or above.

There are three different sessions: one that looks at the Academic version of the test; one that looks at the General Training version; and one that covers both.

In your Masterclass you will:

  • Learn about the shape of the IELTS test
    Find out what you have to do in the test and how much time you have for each part.
  • Get to know how to demonstrate your best English
    You'll hear practical tips on how to make the most of your English language skills and avoid common mistakes.
  • Understand IELTS scoring
    Get a detailed understanding of the assessment criteria to see what the examiners are looking for and how to improve your score in each part.
  • Learn from experts
    Your presenter is an IELTS expert who will take you through detailed examples and spend time answering audience questions.

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