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English summer courses, 100% online

English classes for children, teens and adults, with the same quality as ever, now online.

We're using Zoom, which is easy to use and which will allow you to participate in real time in group classes, from the comfort and safety of your own home.

The only sure thing in a changed world: you need to improve your English!

Clases de inglés en  Zoom


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I like seeing everyone's faces and chatting to my classmates

The Zoom class was cool, fun and easy to use

Really nice, I enjoyed it!


Online English courses for children and teens

The world has changed... but there are some things that haven't:

English will still open the doors to the world: you're going to need English for everything from information on the web to TV series, from university degree to the world of work. Our courses for young learners are specially designed for particular age groups, and while they look at fun, interesting themes, they keep in mind what you'll be needing in the future and the new challenges you (and your English!) will face.


At International House you'll learn real English, the English you'll need for your future!

Kids 8-10 year olds

  • June 29–July 31
  • 1.5 hours a day, Monday to Friday
  • Timetable 9:30–11:00


  • 5 weeks €385
  • 3 weeks €240
  • 2 weeks €160

Juniors 11-13 year olds

  • June 29–July 31
  • 2.5 hours a day, Monday to Friday
  • Timetable 9:30–12:00


  • 5 weeks €585
  • 3 weeks €360
  • 2 weeks €240

Teenagers 14-17 year olds

  • June 29–July 31
  • 3 hours a day, Monday to Friday
  • Timetable 9:30–12:30


  • 5 weeks €690
  • 3 weeks €420
  • 2 weeks €280

First, CAE (14+)

Students who are 14+ can also take a course to prepare one of the official exams (see below).

If you can only do half a course...

The full course in July (29/6-31/7) is five weeks. It is also possible to take just the first three (29/6-17/7) or just the last two (20/7-31/7).

Activate your English

Add an extra hour and a half every day so as to make the most of the summer and take a step up with your English.

These sessions will have a fun, communicative focus. There will be activities specific to each age group, such as arts and crats, games, songs, etc.

The objectives are to do as much English as possible, to enjoy doing things in English and to have as much speaking practice as possible.

5 weeks: €562 (or €385 if taken in combination with a class in the morning)
3 weeks: €345 (or €240 if combined)
2 weeks: €230 (or €160 if combined)

  • June 29–July 31
  • 1.5 hours a day, Monday to Friday
  • Timetable 15:30–17:00

Online English courses for adults

Give your English a huge boost this summer, wherever you are!

For adults (min. age: 16), we have general English courses and others to prepare you for Cambridge exams and IELTS tests. Online in Zoom, you'll find they are the same quality courses you get from our face-to-face courses.

These are intensive courses. You will make progress quickly in a short period of time and will see how your English is improving. Some of our courses allow you to advance a complete level in just five weeks, with 100 hours of English.

In the new world, will your English be better?

Official exam sittings
First Certificate and CAE | IELTS

Feedback on our Zoom English classes

General & Exam courses

  • June 29–July 31
  • 4 hours a day, Monday to Friday
  • Timetable 9:00–13:00 or 17:00–21:00
  • €990 (5 wks., 100 h.)

Levels: A1, A2, B1.1*, B1.2*, B2.1*, B2.2*, C1.1*, C1.2*, C2.1*, C2.2*

*Those marked are Premium courses, with an IELTS sitting included

NOTE the deadlines for enrolment for the official exams (see link, above)

FCE Express

  • June 29*–July 10, Exam July 11
  • July 13–24, Exam July 25
  • 3 hours a day, Monday to Friday
  • Timetable 9:15–12:15 or 18:00-21:00
  • 360 (2 wks., 30 h.)

CAE Express

  • June 29*–10 juliol, Exam July 11
  • July 17–30, Exam July 31
  • 3 hours a day, Monday to Friday
  • Timetable 9:15–12:15 or 18:00-21:00
  • €360 (2 wks., 30 h.)

*Start date in Terrassa: June 26

IELTS courses

  • July 6–17, Exam 18 July
  • July 20–31, Exam 1 August
  • 3 hours a day, Monday to Friday
  • Timetable 9:15–12:15 or 18:00–21:00
  • €360 (2 wks., 30 h.)

Focus on Communication

  • Part A: July 06–17
  • Part B: July 20–31
  • 2 hours a day, Monday to Thursday
  • Timetable 10:00–12:00 or 18:00–20:00
  • €170 (2 wks., 18 h.)
  • Price for 2019/20 students: €153

Levels: A2, B1, B2, C1