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Net Languages offers dynamic and flexible English courses with both a general and work focus. The visually attractive materials, the high quality of the listening material and the wide variety of exercise types and activities, help to make learning English with Net Languages a meaningful and fun experience.

English for Work

There are currently 2 levels of English for Work courses available. Each level is made up of a series of modules on different subjects, for example: Telephoning, Making Presentations, Travelling, Negotiating and Selling, Staffing and Training, etc.

General English

Net Languages provides a comprehensive seven-level system of General English courses, ranging from Pre-Elementary to Advanced. Each level can be completed in one course or in two half level courses: Course Part A (units 1 - 5) and Course Part B (units 6 - 10).

Each unit is designed around a topic and is divided into 15 sections. These sections include: reading, vocabulary, grammar, listening, pronunciation practice, takeaway English, listening, writing, one oral and two written tutorials.

Courses are also offered for Speech Work (exercises to help you improve your pronunciation), FCE exam practice, Children, Spanish and Methodology for Teachers amongst others.

Blended learning

As the name suggests, these course offer a blend of on-line study and face-to-face learning. The addition of a face-to-face element makes it possible to develop and explore the topics and skills areas introduced in the on-line study in greater depth and place particular emphasis on developing speaking skills.

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