Intensive in-company English courses

IH Company Training IH Company Training IH Company Training

Our intensive courses aim to achieve results fast: to this end our courses are taught by teams of teachers and draw upon a wide variety of materials and activities. The courses are normally delivered on International House premises.

Short immersion courses

These are one- or two-week courses that provide anything between 20 and 80 hours of training. Based on the result of a level test and an in-depth needs analysis interview, a detailed programme is drawn up to reach client goals.

Short specific courses

Starting at low-intermediate level, IH Company Training organises 20-hour, made-to-measure courses providing intensive practice in key professional development areas.

Our principal courses are:

  • Meetings and Negotiations
  • Using the Telephone
  • Making Presentations
  • Business Correspondence and Translation
  • Business Travel
  • Problem Solving

In addition, new courses are continually under developing to meet our customers' changing needs.

Residential courses

These are courses delivered over a weekend stay in a hotel or external centre away from both the students' homes and everyday surroundings. Courses given can range from General English to vocabulary-based courses or the short specific courses listed above.

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