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About the course

The Business English Teachers' course is a 35-hour teacher development course designed to increase the competence and confidence of teachers working in the area of Business English teaching.

Launched in 1987 and continuously developed, the course has a strong practical and participatory bias and has been run with success in Germany, Hungary, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Within Spain it is run regularly both in Barcelona and Madrid.

The course has been designed for qualified and practising teachers who are either already working in this field or else are interested in doing so.



The 2020 edition of this course has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The course will run again in July 2021.

Course content

Contents will be drawn from the checklist below:

  • An introduction to ESP
  • Business vs General English
  • The design and administration of needs analysis
  • Course design & extended simulations
  • A review and evaluation of published materials
  • Published & authentic video material for Business English
  • Sourcing material from the Internet
  • Approaches and techniques for teaching one to one
  • The use of case studies and simulations
  • Teaching lexis for Business English
  • Using the telephone in a business context
  • Delivering oral presentations
  • Error analysis: working from students' mistakes
  • Participating in meetings, negotiations and discussions
  • Language analysis, the nature of certain types of business discourse
  • Working from authentic materials
  • Learner feedback: listening to your students.


Candidates will be awarded an International House Teacher Training Certificate at the end of the course.


Probably the most useful general background reading would be one or more of:

  • Dudley-Evans & St John: Developments in English for Specific Purposes (CUP 1998)
  • Ellis & Johnson: Teaching Business English (CUP 1994)
  • Frendo, Evan: How to Teach Business English (Longman 2005)

We would also recommend these:

  • Council of Europe: Common European Framework of References for Language (CUP/Council of Europe 2001)
  • Mckay, Sandra Lee: Teaching English as an International Language (OUP 2002)
  • Wilberg, Peter: One to One: A Teacher's Handbook (LTP, 1987)

Feedback on the previous edition

The course was stimulating, challenging, fun, useful and informative. Absolutely loads of ideas for work with students, all adaptable.

The tutors have designed a course which is 100% relevant to what we need, but implemented in an informal way.

I enjoyed the atmosphere, the teachers and the whole course in general. The most useful aspect of the course was the great amount of practical ideas that we got out of it.


All applicants should complete an application form, which also provides payment details.

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IMPORTANT To secure a place once you have been accepted you should ensure that the full fee is paid at least 2 weeks before the course begins.

Applicants applying less than 2 weeks before the course are required to pay the fees on acceptance.


Refunds can only be made at the management's discretion. No refunds will be made when insufficient notice of cancellation leads to another person being unable to join the course.


The maximum number of participants is 12. If there are less than 4, the course may be cancelled and all fees refunded.

Participants will ideally have the Cambridge CELTA (or equivalent) and at least two years' teaching experience.


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