DELTA syllabus overview

1 Understanding, Knowledge and Awareness of Language

  • 1.1 The nature of communication and the role and functions of language
  • 1.2 Concepts and terminology used in ELT for describing formal features of English and English language use
  • 1.3 Differences between English and other languages
  • 1.4 Language as content in the ELT classroom
  • 1.5 Language used by teachers and learners
  • 1.6 Reference materials for language awareness

2 The background to teaching and learning English at adult level

  • 2.1 The educational context and cultural impact of ELT
  • 2.2 The history and development of language teaching to adults
  • 2.3 Major theories of language learning and acquisition
  • 2.4 The contexts within which learning and teaching take place
  • 2.5 Designing teaching programmes to meet the needs of adult learners in different contexts
  • 2.6 Implementing teaching programmes to meet the needs of adult learners in different contexts

3 Resources and materials

  • 3.1 Knowledge of available published and non-published resources and materials
  • 3.2 Evaluating and selecting resources and materials for different purposes and contexts
  • 3.3 Adapting, developing and creating materials
  • 3.4 Using aids and equipment effectively
  • 3.5 Using self-access materials and learning centres
  • 3.6 Managing resources

4 Working in the classroom

  • 4.1 Classroom procedures and techniques for use with adult language learners
  • 4.2 Classroom management with adult learners
  • 4.3 Classroom observation and research

5 Evaluation, monitoring and assessment

  • 5.1 The evaluation of courses and programmes
  • 5.2 Monitoring learners' progress and giving feedback
  • 5.3 Selecting and evaluating classroom tests and other forms of assessment for different purposes
  • 5.4 English Language tests, accreditation schemes and public examinations
  • 5.5 Preparing candidates for specific tests and examinations

6 Professional development

  • 6.1 The relationship between underlying principles and classroom practice in ELT
  • 6.2 Working with people
  • 6.3 Personal development in a professional context
  • 6.4 Support systems for continuing development

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