DELTA course pre-course reading

Essential reading

Books you are recommended to buy, and read cover-to-cover, before the course begins:

  • Richards, J, C (2015) Key Issues in Language Teaching (CUP)
  • Thornbury, S (2017) About Language 2nd edition (CUP)

Recommended pre-course reading

The following are also all well worth reading:

  • Carter and Nunan (eds) (2001) The Cambridge Guide to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CUP)
  • Larsen Freeman (2000) Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching 2nd edition (OUP)
  • Lightbown & Spada (2006) How Languages are Learned revised edition (OUP)
  • Thornbury, S (2016) 30 Language Teaching Methods (CUP)

Further recommended pre-course reading

The following you might dip into before the course. You will also find that you will be referring to these for your assignments.

  • Dellar, H & Walkley, A (2017) Teaching Lexically: Principles and Practice (DELTA Publishing)
  • Field, J (2009) Listening in the Language Classroom (CUP)
  • Harmer, J (2004) How to Teach Writing (OUP)
  • Hughes, A (2002) Testing for Language Teachers 2nd edition (CUP)
  • Lewis, M (1997) Implementing the Lexical Approach (LTP)
  • Norrington-Davies, D (2016) Teaching Grammar from Rules to Reason (Pavilion Publishing)
  • Thornbury, S (2000) How to Teach Grammar (Longman)
  • Thornbury, S(2002) How to Teach Vocabulary (Longman)
  • Thornbury, S (2005) How to Teach Speaking (Longman)
  • Thornbury, S (2005) Beyond the Sentence - Introducing Discourse Analysis (Macmillan Heinemann)
  • Watkins, P (2017) Teaching and Developing Reading Skills (CUP)
  • Willis, J & D (2007) Doing Task-based Teaching (OUP)
  • White, G (1998) Listening (OUP)

Read, lots!

It will be particularly advantageous to you, especially if you are taking the intensive course, to do as much as reading before the course begins as possible.

All of the titles recommended are available to you in the IH Barcelona library.


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