DELTA modules at IH Barcelona

DELTA Candidates may take one, two or all three of the assessed components: separate certification is awarded for each.

The Cambridge DELTA Modules...

Module 1

Understanding language, methodology and resources for teaching
This module is assessed by a written examination comprising two papers each of 1 hour 30 minutes in length.


Module 2

Developing professional practice
This module is assessed through a portfolio of course-based practical teaching and written assignments including one lesson and assignment which is externally assessed.


Module 3

Extending practice and ELT specialization
This module is assessed through an extended written research project. It is externally assessed.

What we do at IH Barcelona...

Modules 1 and 2

It is our view that professional practice (Module Two) is primarily developed through a growing understanding of language, methodology and resources (Module One). For this reason, we integrate Modules One and Two into our main DELTA course, which is now available in both face-to-face and blended learning formats.

Guidance and practice is also given in preparation for the written examination.

Module 3

The syllabus for Module Three consists of areas which are essential to teaching in general and are therefore also included throughout the course syllabus.

However, specific guidance is given on the preparation of the Module Three extended assignment as a separate Module 3 course.


You choose...

On our courses, you are free to enter for assessment whichever of the three components you choose.


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