Payment details, DELTA courses

Course fees

  • Course fee: €2,800
  • Module 2 examination fee: €183 (to be paid together with the course fees)
  • Total: €2,983

€1000 deposit on acceptance and the balance by one month before the start date of the course. Note that deposits are non-refundable.

Given the price of the main DELTA course, it is possible to pay the balance by instalments. Please ask for information.

Candidates who did their CELTA (or CELTYL) course at IH Barcelona are entitled to a discount of €150.

Please be aware that all fees must be received in full. If you are paying from other countries, you may be liable to bank commissions.

Exam fees

Now that the DELTA course is modular, each module has a different fee, which Cambridge changes every year

  • Module 1 (written exam): €147
  • Module 2 (coursework): €183
  • Module 3 (extended assignment): €103

The fees for Module 2, including the externally-assessed practical assignment, have to be paid before your course begins.

The fees for Modules 1 and 3 are paid to the centre at which you enrol to take them, when you decide to take them. That centre can be, but does not have to be, IH Barcelona.

Note that you need to pay the Module 1 fees in April for the June exam and in October for the December exam. Different centres will have their own deadlines for enrolment.

Means of payment

See also the information on how to pay for the course.

Ask your school about the possibliity of them at least part-financing your course. Some schools will do so in return for your commitment to stay on with them.


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