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The Cambridge Diploma (DELTA) is the most prestigious and widely recognised British qualification in English Language Teaching. It is intended for candidates who have substantial experience of teaching English either in the UK or abroad.

A number of UK universities are now offering credits and/or exemptions on their MA and other courses for those who have obtained their DELTA.

International House Barcelona is an Authorised Centre for Cambridge English Language Assessment examinations and teaching awards.

What's DELTA like?

Three of our intensive course trainees provide us with an inside view on what the course is like, why they did it, what they learnt from it, and much more...


That's the difference between CELTA and DELTA: on DELTA, teaching is what people do, that's what they're good at, and they just want to get better
Emma Ruiz, DELTA course trainee

Our DELTA courses...

Our courses prepare you for Modules 1 and 2 (respectively the written examination and the coursework portfolio) and we have a stand-alone course for Module 3 (your specialisation).

  About the three different DELTA modules


Next course:
July 1–August 23, 2019
Application: closed

8 weeks in July and August, with a daily 3 hours' input and 2 hours' teaching practice, plus home study.

Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 17.00, including input, teaching practice and feedback



Next course:
October 1, 2019–March 24, 2020
Application: open

Approximately 20 weeks (about 245 hours in class, plus home study, for a minimum of 325 hours)

Tuesdays and Thursdays, with input from 09.00 to 12.00; teaching practice from 12.30 to 14.00; and feedback from 14.00 to 14.30.


Blended NEW

Next course:
Starting October 2019
Application: open

6 months online (October 7 to April 5); two months afterwards to prepare for the June 2020 Module 1 exam; and one month face-to-face in Barcelona for the teaching practice component of Module 2 (dates tbc)

See this page for full details of the Blended DELTA course.


Module 3

Next course:
August 23–November 29, 2019
Application: open

Available in one of two formats, either 100% online (January-May or August-November) or blended (October-April).

See separate page for details of our stand-alone DELTA Module 3 course.



The DELTA course aims to ensure a balance between the demands of practical application and understanding of the theoretical background. As well as a detailed consideration of key theoretical issues, it includes classroom observation and supervised, evaluated teaching practice.

The work load is heavy and candidates are advised not to take on commitments that might prejudice their chances of participating fully in the course.

Course tutors

On the full-time course that begins on July 1, Gerard and Shaun will be the tutors; for the online component of our new Blended DELTA course which started in March, the tutor is Emma.

Further information on all the course tutors at IH Barcelona.


GerardA tutor on CELTA and DELTA courses and a CELTA assessor, Gerard has taught and trained in many countries. He has an MA in ELT and is President of TESOL Spain.

Gerard regularly gives talks at conferences and is a co-author of the coursebooks iTalk and Next Generation. He has also written Teacher’s Books for Outcomes.


ShaunShaun has been in ELT since 1999 and has worked in many teaching and training contexts outside of Spain - with longer stints in the UK (London), Italy (Milan) and Japan.

He's a CELTA assessor, presents at conferences including IATEFL, is currently taking an MA in Applied Linguistics at Nottingham University, blogs and can be found on Twitter.



EmmaEmma did her own CELTA and DELTA course at IH London and taught and trained there between 2006-2015.

She also worked in Korea and Saudi Arabia, as well as her native Dublin, before coming to Barcelona in 2015.

Emma teaches on both face-to-face and online CELTA and DELTA courses and also wrote our new Blended DELTA course.


Entry requirements

Candidates are expected to be graduates or to have qualified teacher status. A recognised ELT training certificate such as CELTA, or its equivalent, is considered essential.

As a rough guide, two years' broad and full-time experience of teaching adult classes "post-CELTA" is the minimum prerequisite in terms of teaching experience.

Application for the course

For our new Blended DELTA course, there are still places available, with the last possible submission date for your application form being March 8.

For the full-time July/August course, you should send your application to us preferably by March 25; or by early September for the part-time course.

You will then be asked to attend an interview, which can be by Skype if you are not in Barcelona.

Once you have been accepted, you must then pay a non-refundable deposit to secure your place.

Start your application

NOTE We offer places to suitable candidates on a first come, first served basis.

Late applications WILL be accepted provided there are places remaining on the course.

Module 3 There is a separate Module 3 application form.


Our DELTA courses fill up quickly, so do please send in your applications as early as you can.

Course fees

  • Course fee: €2,800
  • Module 2 fee: €183 (paid with the course fees)
  • Total: currently €2,983

Current exam fees

  • Module 1 (written exam): €147
  • Module 2 (coursework): €183
  • Module 3 (extended assignment): €103

Good to know

Some of those who take our DELTA courses are part-financed by their schools, usually in return for a commitment to stay on with them after DELTA. That's worth asking your school about!

Payment details

See this page for full payment information


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