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CELTA online (blended) course at IH Barcelona

Course format

Note that this is a blended learning course: it is not 100% online as trainees have to attend 14 face-to-face sessions at IH Barcelona.

These face-to-face sessions will involve coming to IH Barcelona every Friday morning during the 15-week duration of the course.

The University of Cambridge requires candidates on all CELTA courses, whether online or face-to-face, to teach for a total of six hours during the course. This teaching is observed and assessed by course tutors and is divided into 10 separate teaching slots for each candidate, requiring attendance at the school on the fourteen occasions mentioned above.


Please note that the online CELTA is assessed and moderated according to the same criteria as fully face-to-face courses and leads to exactly the same qualification.

Apart from the timetable, course format and delivery, the CELTA Online course is to all intents and purposes identical to all other CELTA courses (including the price!)

The online component

Candidates should be prepared to spend a minimum of five hours a week online to work on interactive tasks, participate in guided video observation and forum discussion.

There will also be online tutorials with the main course tutor.

All input is delivered online and can be completed in the candidate's own time within deadlines set by the course tutor. The online materials are available to each candidate throughout the course, enabling easy self-study and revision.

Dates 2019

  • January 18—April 12
  • September 13—December 20


Candidates attend Teaching Practice (TP) classes every Friday morning.

The morning is broken down as follows:

  • 09.15—09.45 Feedback, planning and set up of the day's classes
  • 09.45—12.30 TP
  • 12.30—14.00 Feedback and planning of the next class

Who is the course suitable for?

Sarah and Harriet did their online course with IH London, but everything they say applies equally to the blended course at IH Barcelona

This course format is probably best suited for those who are resident in Eastern Spain, particularly Catalonia, who can manage to travel to the school on the 14 occasions required over the 15 weeks the course lasts.

For some of you this may mean staying overnight in Barcelona on a Thursday in order to be able to attend IH on the Friday morning at 9.00 am.

(In comparison, our alternative four-month part-time face-to-face course involves your coming to class on around 30 occasions).

Note that you do not need advanced computer skills to take the online CELTA course: the ability to use email and the internet and have basic typing skills is all that is required.

Further information

For general information about the course and application procedure etc, see our main CELTA page.

For more information about Cambridge CELTA Course Online, see Cambridge's FAQs page.


It was an amazing experience. Lynn, David and Sophie are all extraordinary tutors. David made us feel at home in the classroom and aware of the nature of the context, Lynn made sure we had everything we needed, and Sophie pushed us to refine ourselves as teachers in new, unexpected ways.

Feedback on the blended CELTA course at IH Barcelona


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