Accommodation in Barcelona

Accommodation in Barcelona

Accommodation is just one of the many things to consider when deciding to take a course. Barcelona, like any other large European city, has a huge variety of places to stay, with a wide range of prices!

You have basically two accommodation options:

  • Using our accommodation service
  • Finding accommodation for yourself

Our Accommodation Service

If you would like the Teacher Training Department to help you find accommodation, we are able to arrange a room rent. This is a rented room in an apartment, sharing facilities, i.e. bathroom, kitchen, with the usual tenants of the apartment, who are often ex-trainees and English teachers.

The room rent is €400 per month, (proportional for shorter courses) inclusive of all costs except telephone, and our fee for this service is €75.

Note that your host will also require you to leave a €50 deposit to cover breakages or damage. This will be returned to you on the day you depart.

You will be sent an accommodation request form with details when you have been accepted for the course.

Note that the accommodation we can offer is subject to availability. If you would like us to find accommodation for you, don't leave it until the last minute

Finding your own accommodation in Barcelona

You may also be able to find accommodation using your own contacts or the Internet. The cost of a room in Barcelona starts at about €350 a month (and the sky’s the limit!), with virtually everyone in Barcelona (as in most Spanish cities) living in a flat.

If you are taking a Celta course with us, our CeltaStars support group is a great means of finding accommodation.

Feedback on our accommodation service

Gloria was wonderful and always went out of her way to make us feel comfortable and at home!

Seriously fantastic place to live during the course, and a thoroughly agreeable price tag!

Sandra was very friendly and welcoming. The accommodation was great and it was an easy process overall.



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