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Reverse translation course

Email course in translation from Spanish into English for non-English translators

What is reverse translation?

Professional translators usually translate into their own language, not out of it. All the same, throughout the world, a great deal of reverse translation – that is, translation into a foreign language – is done every day. In the business world many people are expected to translate out of their language.

In this case, the aim is to transmit the intended message in a form that is clear and without unintended comic effects.

About the course

This course gives practice in reverse translation. It comprises eight texts of some thirty to forty lines for translation from Spanish into English. The texts are mainly journalistic. The content ranges widely but none of them are markedly literary in character, nor is any great background knowledge of the subject area required. They are what are known as information only texts; the emphasis is on communicating the information contained in the original text in a way that is easy to understand and is presented in a way that the reader expects.

This is an entirely distance course, i.e. via email. Your start date is as soon as we have received your application form and your fees.

You will receive the materials all at once and may send the texts back to be corrected at your convenience, separately or in batches, up to six months after receiving the materials.

Your course lasts six months: work submitted after this period will almost certainly not be corrected.

All work received within the course time will be marked with attention to detail and with the sole aim of improving your skills as a translator. We are sure you will enjoy the course and find it useful.

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  • Dates It is possible to begin this course at any time of the year.
  • Price €340


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