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IoL Diploma in Translation preparation course

An online course to prepare you for the Spanish into English papers of the Chartered Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation (DipTrans)

Spanish into English

IH Barcelona translator training:

  • An IOL Diploma in Translation examination centre since 1991
  • The only examining centre in Catalonia and one of only three in Spain
  • A proven track record in training people to be translators, with over 1500 translation trainees since 1992
  • An international reputation for excellence

About the IOL course

Though the IOL exam provides the focus for the course, the course can also provide broader guidance for people keen to develop a critical and independent approach to translating. In early June we hope to be able to advise course participants whether they are ready for the exam or need to accumulate more experience.

The exam takes place in January each year. Our next course, starting in February 2019, will be preparing candidates for the exam in January 2020.

The course will:

  • Give you practice and experience in translating a wide range of translation text types (literary, journalistic, technological, etc.)
  • Cover the most important theoretical background issues in translation
  • Suggest different ways of approaching a text
  • Provide you with practical suggestions and techniques to help you with your translation work that you can immediately put into effect
  • Give you insight and knowledge about some of the specific problems of translating from Spanish into English
  • Prepare you for the IOL Diploma exam from Spanish into English
  • Provide you with translating practice for the examination
  • Allow you to provide agencies and potential clients with an objective guarantee of the quality of your work

An ideal course for those who want to improve their translation skills and obtain a professional qualification


Lucy Banham
Course tutor
View Lucy's full biodata on our tutors' page

Course syllabus overview

The course is comprised of 8 modules and is split into two parts. The first four modules look at aspects of the theoretical background of translation and provide you with short texts for you to translate. These early modules are both "academic/theoretical" and practical.

Modules 5 to 8 then look at the specifics of the IOL Diploma in Translation, including the semi-specialist papers.

Modules 1 to 4

The assignments for these four modules involve translation of specimen papers from previous years.

By the end of Module 4, you will have sent in 8 pieces for assessment. It is at this stage that we advise you whether we think you are ready for the IOL Diploma exam or need more practice.

Obviously, the decision to take the examination is entirely up to you.

Modules 5 to 8

These four modules focus on the exam and cover the semi-specialist papers.

Your tutor will give you detailed commentary on your work and will also provide you with a model translation of each text for comparison.

Find out more

More about the IoL's Diploma in Translation (DipTrans) on ciol.org.uk, the official site.



  • An introduction to the IOL Diploma exam
  • Aspects and theoretical background of translation
  • Different ways of approaching a text
  • Comparison of translation focus and comparison of translations to their original text
  • Issues related to literary criticism
  • Short paragraph translation practice
  • Specimen papers marked by the tutor
  • In depth analysis and comparison of the various papers which make up the IOL Diploma
  • Practice in all areas, in preparation for the semi-specialist papers of the IOL Diploma (literature, social sciences, technology, science, business and law)


How to enrol on the course

Simply download the application form (see below), fill it in and send it to us at translation@bcn.ihes.com.

We will reply to you within 1 working day of receiving your application. Shortly afterwards, you will be informed by email if you have been accepted. Your translation will be returned with notes on your text, along with the original article.

Please note: should the course tutor feel you are not ready to take the course, she may recommend that you take the Introduction to Translation course instead.

The IOL exam

The IOL Diploma exam is held at IH Barcelona in January each year. It can be done either on a computer or be handwritten.

Applications to sit the exam are made through us.


Course dates

  • February 1st - December 30th 2019
  • In preparation for IOL exam, January 2020

Course fees

  • Course: €680

Exam fees

  • IOL exam fees 2019: £616
  • Exam centre invigilation fee, IH Barcelona candidates: €140
  • Exam centre invigilation fee, external candidates: €190


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