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Intensive Spanish + Spanish culture and conversation course

Combine your 4-hour intensive Spanish course in the mornings with an extra 1.5 hours on different aspects of Spanish culture and history, for a total of 26 hours of class a week.

Course details

Duration Enrol for as many weeks as you like.
Timetable Intensive course: Monday to Friday 09.30 to 13.30, with a twenty-minute break
Spanish culture course: 14.30 to 16.00, Tuesday to Friday
Classes 7 average, with a maximum of 10
Levels Minimum Spanish level recommended: Lower Intermediate
Ages 16+


Spain is different!

¿Qué clase de loco podía ser el Quijote sino un loco español? Y aunque su talla descomunal y su demencia lo universalizan y de alguna manera lo hacen comprensible y admirable a todos los hombres del mundo, hay en él rasgos que únicamente podían darse en ese país a la vez brutalmente realista y mágicamente descabellado que es España.

Ernesto Sabato, Argentinian novelist

Course content

We look at a different aspect of Spanish culture each day. Subjects regularly covered include:

  • Spanish social customs: An insight into the Spanish way of life and how it and its customs compare with those in your own country
  • Flamenco: A course which looks beyond the music and dance to the culture of flamenco
  • Architecture in Barcelona, including Gaudí
  • Spain's cultural diversity: The languages, gastronomy, geography and folklore of each of Spain's regional cultures
  • Spanish music
  • Ferran Adriá and Spanish nouvelle cuisine
  • Spanish 20th century art: A look at a range of artistic styles including those of Picasso, Dalí, Miró and Tapies
  • The Spanish media: Press, radio, television and the Internet and the language that is characteristic of each
  • The Spanish Civil War: the causes, most important episodes and many consequences of the war
  • A brief introduction to the history of Spanish literature, from the Middle Ages to the present day
  • Spain's most popular fiestas: The Easter Processions, the Fallas, San Fermin, etc
  • Spanish cinema

When can you begin?

Our Spanish culture courses start every Tuesday.

Course prices and booking

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Accommodation in Barcelona

Pick the accommodation that suits you best for your stay in Barcelona: we offer Spanish host families, shared flats or student residence (and you can obviously also arrange your own accommodation and just take a course with us).

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