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Matriculation for English courses at IH Barcelona

Old students

You can reserve your place by paying a €60 deposit (in cash, by credit card or bank transfer). The deposit is then deducted from the course fee.

New students

What level are you?
If you have never study with us before, you need to take an oral and written level test to determine your level.

Times for level tests

To enrol, you need to pay the matriculation fee (€50), pay the first quota of your course fee in cash or by credit card and provide your bank details for bank transfer of the remaining quotas (if applicable).

Opening hours

For further information and enrolment, we're on Trafalgar 14 [map].

93 268 45 11


  • Monday to Friday: 09.00 to 21.00
  • Saturdays: 10.00 to 13.00

Closed on Saturdays in August

Note that times for level tests are different


1st Term
October 2–December 22 2018

2nd Term
January 7–March 30 2019

3rd Term
April 1–June 22 2019

Forms of payment

You can pay your course fees on a termly or annual basis and you need to choose which of those forms when you enrol.

Fees are paid via bank transfer, for which students need to provide their complete (20 digit) bank account number.


There is a 5% discount on the termly fee when two or more students in the same family are taking courses.

If three members of the same family are taking courses, there is a 5% discount for the first two, and a 10% discount for the youngest member of the family.

When a student is taking two or more year-long extensive courses in different languages at the same time, there is a 5% discount on the termly fees.

In order to benefit from discounts or special promotions for particular organizations with which International House has agreements, students need to present accrediting documentation when they matriculate. Discounts will not be applied after that date.


Refunds will not be made for deposits, matriculation fees or courses fees in circumstances unrelated to the school.

We reserve the right to cancel groups in which the number of students is lower than four.

View all the conditions you accept when you enrol [content in Spanish and Catalan].


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