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Cursos d'anglès per a Teens

English courses for teenagers (14-17 year olds)

At International House you'll learn real English, the English you'll need for your future

English opens the doors to the world: you're going to need English for everything from information on the web to TV series, from university degree to the world of work. Our courses for young learners are specially designed for teenagers, and while they look at fun, interesting themes, they keep in mind what you'll be needing in the future and the challenges you (and your English!) will face.

Like playing a musical instrument...

Learning a language is like playing a musical instrument: you need lots of practice from the beginning. I teach lots of different levels and in all, whether it’s beginners or advanced, we ensure you get lots of speaking practice in class

– Liz, teaching teens at IH Barcelona

General English courses 2018-19

Days Timetable Month Term Semester Year
Monday and Wednesday (3h/week) 17.45–19.10 145 € 390 € 545 € 1.020 €
Tuesday and Thursday (3h/week) 17.45–19.10 145 € 390 € 545 € 1.020 €
Wednesday (2.5h/week) 15.00–17.30 115 € 310 € 450 € 850 €
Friday (2.5h/week) 15.30–18.00 115 € 310 € 450 € 850 €
Saturday (2,5h/week) 10.00–12.30 115 € 310 € 450 € 850 €

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New students

If you're a new student, you will need to take a written and oral test before you start.

Doing so ensures that you are in the right level to maximise the amount you then learn.

Calendar 2018-19

1st term
October 2 – December 22, 2018

2nd term
January 7 – March 30, 2019

3rd term
April 1 – June 22, 2019


Preparation for Cambridge: First Certificate (FCE) and Advanced (CAE)

December 2018

Days Timetable Course Price
Friday 15.30—18.30 October 6—December 8 €335

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Written exam: December 15

Enrolment deadline: November 9

May 2019

Days Timetable Course Price
Friday 15.00—18.00 October 3—May 15 1 payment of €860 or 2 of €460
Friday 15.30—18.30 October 5—May 17 1 payment of €860 or 2 of €460

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Written exam: to be confirmed

Enrolment deadline: to be confirmed

Your course

  • Small groups, maximum 12 students
  • Groups according to age and level
  • Focus on communication
  • Dynamic, motivating classes
  • Qualified, professional teachers
  • Option to take Cambridge English exams or IELTS Test

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