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Cursos d'anglès per a joves

English courses for Juniors (11-13 year olds)

Let's really get going with our English!

At this age, young learners have reached a sufficiently high level of maturity to enable their English to advance rapidly. If we provide the encouragement, they'll learn a lot !

With dynamic classes adapted to their needs and interests, we endeavour to motivate our learners to want to learn more English and to value its importance in the world today.

We set up project work around fun, stimulating themes, chosen to appeal to learners at these ages. We play communicative games and do a wide variety of activities either with the course books or designed by our teachers.

The learners work individually and in groups to stimulate co-operation and communication, with the aim of steadily improving their fluency, precision and understanding and their general competence in English.

If we provide the encouragement, they'll learn a lot !

The classes

  • Small groups, maximum 12 students
  • Groups according to age and level
  • Focus on communication
  • Dynamic, motivating classes
  • Qualified, professional teachers
  • Option to take Cambridge English exams

Times and prices 2019-20

Days Timetable Month Term 2 payments 1 payment
Monday and Wednesday (3h/week) 17.45–19.10 149 € 400 € 559 € 1.045 €
Tuesday and Thursday (3h/week) 17.45–19.10 149 € 400 € 559 € 1.045 €
Wednesday (2.5h/week) 15.00–17.30 118 € 318 € 462 € 872 €
Friday (2.5h/week) NEW 15.30–18.00 118 € 318 € 462 € 872 €
Saturday (2.5h/week) NEW 10.00–12.30 118 € 318 € 462 € 872 €

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Monday to Friday, 09.00–21.00
Saturdays, 10.00–13.00

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