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English courses for students aged 55+

About the classes

Our "Over 55s" classes are a very popular option with older students who have free time in the mornings. These class have a maximum of 12 students and we offer a reduction in the price of the course.

We run courses from Beginners to Advanced.

Many of the students who join these classes no longer need English for their jobs, rather they need it because they have children who live abroad in an English speaking country and they need to be able to communicate with their in-laws and grandchildren.

Other students want to make the most of their trips abroad (information in Spanish) and in order to do so they know that English is essential.

We do a needs analysis questionnaire right at the start of the course to find out what our over 55s students need from the course and then we use the appropriate material to meet these needs.

Times 2018-19

Monday and Wednesday, 11.00–12.25
Del 03/10/2018 al 19/06/2019

Tuesday and Thursday, 11.00–12.25
Del 02/10/2018 al 20/06/2019


  • 135€ month
  • 360€ term
  • 505€ semester
  • 930€ year


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