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Courses for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language (ELE)

Training Spanish teachers since 1975

Course for Spanish teachers

In either intensive (4 weeks) or extensive format (6 weeks)

Intensive course for Spanish teachers

150-hour course including both theory and teaching practice.

Accreditation by IL3-Universitat de Barcelona


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Intensive course
April 3–27

Extensive course
April 9–May 18


What's the course like?

To find out, we accompanied two of our trainees for 24 hours on the course...

Online courses for Spanish teachers

Seven 2-week independent modules

Online learning for Spanish teachers

On our general course, there are three options:

  • Independent modules each of two weeks (around 20 hours each)
  • 7 content modules followed by a period for portfolio-based evaluation
  • 7 content modules, portfolio-based evaluation and a week of face-to-face, tutored teaching practice

Sin duda uno de los mejores cursos que he realizado, me he sentido protagonista de mi propio aprendizaje en todo momento y por fin creo que le he perdido el miedo al mundo virtual | Nazareth

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Specialised courses for Spanish teachers

Next modules

Destrezas lingüisticas
February 26–March 11

Tecnología en el aula
March 12–25

March 26–April 8

Gestión del aula
April 9–22

Competencia comunicativa
April 23– May 6

Análisis de la lengua
May 7–20

Encuentro Práctico

Encuentro Práctico

Utrecht, February 9 and 10
Encuentro práctico Holanda

Würzburg, April 6 and 7
Encuentro práctico Alemania

Barcelona, December
XXVII Encuentro Práctico Barcelona

Our annual, two-day conference for Spanish teachers. The biggest training event in Europe for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language: 500 teachers • 33 speakers • 35 sessions • 15 hours of training

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Teaching practice

Teaching practice

Observation of Spanish classes given by an experienced teacher and teaching practice, under the guidance of one of our tutors.


Methodology course

Two-week methodology and Spanish culture courses for teachers who are "non-native" speakers of Spanish

Spanish classes

Spanish classes at IH Barcelona

Almost free Spanish lessons for adults
Come and learn Spanish in Barcelona with us! Classes taught by our trainees, observed by our tutors.

About the Department

The Spanish teacher training department at IH Barcelona opened in 1985. Since then it has trained over a thousand people, who are now working in schools and universities around the world.


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