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The language schools in the IHLS Group

15 language schools, 6 different countries

IHLS Group

The IHLS Group currently consists of seventeen companies, most of which are dedicated to language teaching. There are 15 language schools in the Group, based in 7 different countries:

* IHLS has a minority shareholding in these schools.

The IH World Organisation

Founded in 1953, International House is a network of 150 language schools around the world, all committed to the highest standards in education and business.

60 Years of IH

A key aim of International House is to raise the standards of language teaching around the world. One important way in which we do this is through Teacher Training courses for which International House has a world-wide reputation. We train our own (as well as many other schools') teachers to enable language students to learn the language of their choice simply, quickly and efficiently in a rich linguistic and cultural environment.

To ensure that every school maintains the high standards that are specified in the Affiliation Agreement, an external assessor visits each school every two years and conducts a thorough investigation into all aspects of the school's activities. These visits ensure that the unparalleled reputation International House enjoys for the quality of its services is safeguarded.

The IH Client Promise

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