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Cambridge English exams

Young learners course IH Terrassa

English courses for Young Learners

We divide our students according to their age, English level and previous experience in language learning. The programme is divided into 3 paths::

Early Learners (4 to 7)

Times and prices

2 hores setmanals, amb grups petits de un maxim de 10 alumnes

Juniors (8 to 13)

Times and prices

Cursos centrats en la comprensió i l'ús actiu de l'anglès...

Teenagers (12 to 17)

Times and prices

Classes comunicatives amb un èmfasi especial en la pràctica de l'expressió oral


1st term
13/10/16 to 22/12/16
2nd term
09/01/17 to 07/04/17
3rd term
18/04/17 to 21/06/17


  • When enrolling or reserving a place on a course, students must indicate which payment method they prefer - annual, termly or monthly. The annual quota must be paid before the 25th October.
  • There will be a discount of 5% on the quota per term if two or more students are from the same family or if a student enrolls for 2 or more extensive annual courses in different languages at the same time.
  • Administration reserves the right to cancel a group when the number of students is below the minimum established.


We assess the progress of our students throughout the course. At the end of each term we send a report to their parents with the teacher's comments.

The final marks are given out at the end of the course, when those parents who wish to can have a brief chat with the teacher.

For those parents who would like a personal interview with the teacher during the course, there are certain hours every month when the teacher is available: all you need to do is contact reception and make an appointment.

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