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Mallorca is the most popular tourist destination in Europe. It has fabulous beaches, great weather and great nightclubs and if you want a fun time, it's certainly an excellent place for a holiday -- as you will know if you have already been here.

However, away from the crowds, because of the stunning variety of its scenery, Mallorca is also arguably the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean and it has been carefully protected against over-development by the Mallorcans.

Visitors today can benefit from the same inspiring beauty and tranquillity that so impressed the composer Chopin, the poet Robert Graves and others before and after them. A drive from one side of the island to the other can take less than two hours, but in that time the visitor can stop to gaze out towards Africa from awe inspiring rugged cliff tops, cross the spectacular Tramuntana mountain range, or leave the car to hike to pristine sandy beaches only accessible by foot.

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On our Spanish course pages, Begoña Márquez suggests things to do while you are here.

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