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CPE is the most advanced Cambridge English exam. It is intended to show that you can use a very high level of English for professional and/or study purposes.

Deadline for enrolment for March: February 5

Is CPE for you?

Can you...

  • use English to advise on, or talk about complex or sensitive issues?
  • understand the finer points of documents, correspondence and reports?

If you are working towards acquiring those skills and your level of English currently permits you to do approximately those things, then CPE is probably the right exam for you.

What level is CPE?

CPE is at Level C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) | more information.

At C2 level, typical users can be expected to:

  • understand with ease virtually everything they hear and read
  • make accurate and complete notes during a presentation
  • understand colloquial asides
  • talk about complex and sensitive issues without awkwardness
  • express themselves precisely and fluently.

Your preparation for CPE will give you these kinds of practical language skills.

When and where can you take Proficiency?

The table below shows when and where you can take CPE at one or more of our centres:

Centre March May June Nov./Dec.
Barcelona Yes Yes Yes Yes
Palma Yes
Zaragoza Yes Yes

For exact details (dates, etc), pick your exam centre from the table.

Dates 2016-17, written exams

(CB) = Computer-based

Exam session Written exam Enrolment deadline Price
March 2017 Saturday, March 11 February 5 210€
May 2017 Saturday, May 6 April 2 210€
May 2017 (CB) Friday, May 26 May 7 210€
June 2017 Thursday, June 8 April 16 210€
July 2017 Saturday, July 15 June 25 210€
December 2017 Saturday, December 2 October 16 210€

Oral exams
Dates of oral exams can be from up to two weeks before the written exams (see above) until the following day, including Saturdays.

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