ELT (TEFL) courses in Barcelona

CELTA course IH Barcelona


Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

Intensive (4 weeks) and part-time (4 months), as well online (blended) options for CELTA, probably the most widely recognised initial qualification within the ELT profession.

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CELTA... one of the most enriching experiences I have had in my life. Rae


Cambridge Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults

A major step up from CELTA, DELTA is designed for people who have several years' experience of teaching English...

Part-time (October-March) and full-time (July and August) options.

That's the difference between CELTA and DELTA: on DELTA courses, teaching is what people do, that's what they're good at, and they just want to get better. Emma

Teaching Young Learners

CELT YL Extension Course A 12-day add-on course for teachers who are already CELTA qualified but who have little or no experience of teaching children.

Teaching Very Young Learners The five sessions on this course look at teaching English to the very young (5-7 year olds).

Online CLIL courses.

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See also Workshops for teachers of Young Learners (below)

ELT Teacher Development Workshops

Young Learners We also run a similarly practical 8 workshop series for teachers of Young Learners of English.

Adults Our 8-session teacher development workshop series offers highly practical workshops for teachers of adult learners of English.

IH Barcelona ELT Conference

Our annual ELT conference (in February) includes plenary and concurrent sessions in three main strands:

• Teaching General English to Adults
• Teaching Younger Learners
• Teaching Business English

Some good ideas, many of which I'll be using next week with older teens. Sacha

ELT Management

Director of Studies Course A 30-hour intensive course for experienced teachers interested in taking up a position as Director of Studies in a language school.

ELT Management A 325-hour flexible mode course leading to the IDLTM qualification in ELT management - the International Diploma in Language Teaching Management.

Our Trainer Training course, which can be done in conjunction with the DoS course, may also be of interest.

Online courses

CLIL Our Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) course is most suitable for teachers of younger learners (ages 11-16), but will also be of interest to teachers of adults who wish to know more about CLIL.

Foundation TEFL course Our foundation course is intended for those with no, or very little, previous teaching experience who wish to discover what is involved in language teaching before committing to a fuller qualification.

Language Analysis for English teachers Our online language analysis course combines analysis of major linguistic areas selected by our tutors and discussion of linguistic areas selected by participants.

What I enjoyed about all of the modules was their practicality. I also liked the fact that we had to create lessons and discuss them and not only reading boring theory. Sanae

Teaching English pronunciation A course for practising teachers who wish to update their knowledge of English phonology (pronunciation, stress, intonation etc) and who want practical ideas on how to integrate phonology into the English language classroom.

Teaching Vocabulary Our vocabulary course looks at a wide range of approaches to teaching and learning vocabulary and asks you to experiment with these in your classes and report back.

Teaching Young Learners An introductory course for teachers new to teaching younger learners (ages 7 to 15).

Technology for Language Learning The focus of our 6-week technology course is how to get learners to use technology for project work of various kinds.

Specialised ELT courses

ELT Trainer Training A 30-hour intensive course for experienced teachers interested in becoming teacher trainers.

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Cursos para Oposiciones These prepare you for the exams for either secondary schools or the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas.

Teaching Business English A 35-hour intensive ESP course to increase the competence and confidence of those teaching Business English.

Technology Courses Teacher training workshops and short courses on using new technologies, covering a broad range of subjects and abilities.