International House Barcelona language school

  • IH Barcelona: General Reception in our front hall

  • IH Barcelona: the school occupies all 6 floors of a distinctive building a 5-minute walk from the heart of Barcelona

  • Another view of the outside. The stonework above the front door is typical of Barcelona's Modernista architecture

  • First floor landing (left for Teacher Training, right for Spanish...)

  • A fairly typical classroom, the larger ones all equipped with computers and interactive whiteboards. Note the tiles on the floor, also typically Modernista Barcelona

  • Aaron (Sweden), who took an intensive Spanish course with us, on the first floor corridor

  • In the computer room: among our other facilities, you have free Internet access (including wi-fi)

  • Students relaxing on the terrace

  • Panini and salad: we have a small but busy bar serving hot and cold food all day

  • Or how about just a bocadillo de queso?

  • We teach everything from the smallest kids...

  • ... to much older students (here, one of our Spanish for the over 50s classes)

  • Aiden teaching on a CELTA course: providing quality teacher training (both English and Spanish) is one of our big things

  • Rosa observing Raoul: our teacher training courses include practical teaching practice with feedback from an experienced tutor

  • Staff of the Spanish Department enjoying a glass of Christmas cava

  • Spanish students: one of the nice things about IH Barcelona is that you meet people from all over the world

IH Barcelona is less than 5 minutes walk from Plaza Catalunya, which is the very centre of Barcelona [ >> map ].

The language school occupies 6 floors of a large corner building (see slideshow, above), which has a distinctive, triangular shape (somewhat similar to the famous 'flat-iron' building in New York). The different teacher training departments are in the same building.

The building dates back to the very early 20th century and has many attractive features: a very decorative street entrance, lots of natural light, high ceilings, a marble staircase, etc.

The main reception area is located on the ground floor (floor B), just inside the street entrance.


Our facilities include:

  • 40 air-conditioned classrooms, all with natural light, around half with interactive whiteboards
  • Computer room with 15 PCs available for students to access the internet (free of charge) etc., open 60 hours a week
  • WiFi access if you have a suitably equipped laptop/smartphone
  • A library and study centre
  • A bar which is open all day, providing hot and cold food and drinks
  • A terrace where students can relax in the sunshine
  • Bathroom facilities for disabled students

Our students

One of the great things about IH Barcelona is the mixture of people you will meet here at any given time.

All of our students are welcome to our Friday Club language exchange,which is a great place to meet people of other nationalities taking different courses — among whom you'll meet lots of local people, which is excellent if you want to learn Spanish.